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Friday, 14 February 2014

The Floods of 2014 by The Brunette

 Blimey! I had forgotten how to even use Blogger after SO long away! But I got there in the end! Thanks to TJ for inspiring a new post, and for explaining my absence! It's been a busy year for me and especially the last 7 months following the birth of my first baby (a girl called Robyn!) But it's time to carve some "me" time out of Mummy time and get back behind the camera! Living in Datchet as I do, finding some good subject matter was easy, I just stepped out of my front door! I strapped Robyn in her sling and went out as often as I could to monitor the flooding levels although carrying a 17lb baby I didnt take my "proper" camera with me, so these are all taken with the frankly stupendous Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone. I really liked the moodiness of the black and white shots below, but like TJ in the end opted for colour and minimal editing. I think the shot shows the extent of the flooding as you can clearly see what's underneath the river water, namely the main road running through the village! Including on the far right an abandoned car. Its been devastating with power cuts and many houses in the village now inundated and evacuated. With more rain forecast this weekend, we can only hope and pray it doesn't get any higher. It's strangely serene, with no cars and no trains running and many businesses closed. But heartening to see the community spirit, and strangers talking to strangers and checking if anyone needs assistance, the British Dunkirk spirit in effect :)

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  1. Brilliant photo captures everything that we have seen on the media. It's an all too familiar scene at the moment, but the photo captures it all without overstating it or sensationalising it. This photo certainly tells it own story. The camera is excellent I wish my iPhone took photos in the same quality. I love the picture from your road it's almost unbelievable that the water can do this...