A journey of photographic adventure, Two Views was born by two friends having a blast and learning from each other on a photo shoot in the autumn sunshine, asking the question “How can we continue to push our photographic boundaries in terms of technical knowledge, new challenges and creativity and have fun at the same time?” The answer we came up with was to set ourselves a project every two weeks, and then publish the results together. Two Views of the same subject / idea or technical approach. By the end of this year we will have covered 26 subjects and produced at least 50+ awesome photographs, and have learned a huge amount along the way! We’d love your comments, critiques and ideas, and if you want to “play along” too, please do let us have your shots by links in the comments sections! TJ & The Brunette

Monday, 31 October 2011

1) Datchet

For the first of our Two Views, we've picked a local country village in Berkshire where we both live. This project's remit is all about developing and expanding our photographic "eye" and style by shooting what appears interesting, artistic and  unusual to us.We'd love you to take part too, if you want to, just choose a local town or village that you know quite well, and shoot it from some interesting and new angles. Then leave us a comment and a link to your shots!